Scammed of $123.50

The seller gave me multiple excuses like bad weather, and how the freelance driver did not have jobs near my area.

Marcia, 22




"Hi I'm Marcia and last year I was scammed of $123.50 from an Instagram blog shop.

I ordered dog tags from an Instagram blog shop, totalling at $123.50 in May last year. I received an order update from the seller in June - she told me that she would be delivering it the day after, and even provided pictures of the made tags. There was no delivery made. I contacted her again, and she gave me multiple excuses like bad weather, or how the freelance driver did not have jobs near my area; the list goes on. I waited patiently for updates from her up till early August.

She started ghosting me - I tried to WhatsApp, IG DM and even call her but to no avail. I then tried to use my boyfriend's number to message her on Telegram. She replied. She asked for my address again to make it seem like she would make the delivery but proceeded to ghost me again.

I realised I was scammed. I made a police report after and got my money back.

I was lucky enough to get back money back, but I now know to take extra caution when transacting online, especially on platforms without an escrow payment system. I also try to arrange for meet-ups and stick to cash-on deliveries."

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