Scammed of $214

The seller provided me with a picture of 'his' IC and also gave me 'his' HP number and home address.

Elaine, 28




"Hi I'm Elaine, and last year I was scammed of $214 on Carousell.

I was looking for a hair care supplement known as Viviscal PRO and found a seller on Carousell who carried the product from US. It was priced way cheaper than the retail price of $400+. The seller was selling mainly health supplements.

He claimed that they were shipped from the US and hence, were priced much lower. He was also able to provide me with the authenticity verification certificate. However, as the seller needed to order the item from the US, he said that I would need to pay him first before he could ship the item over to Singapore. He provided me with a picture of 'his' IC and also gave me 'his' HP number and home address, hence I didn't think that this could be a scam as he was willing to reveal such personal details. He then said he would only require 2 weeks to ship the item over.

However, after I made the payment and waited for about a month, I still did not receive any updates from him. I messaged him and called the HP number but to no avail. I then went to the home address stated on the IC, but it turns out, 'he' doesn't exist. After that, I made a police report.

I now know to never make upfront payments and even if I have to, I should always transact on the platform. Also, if the item is too good to be true, it is most likely a scam."

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