Scammed of $100

I was so happy to secure the watch at a much lower price.

Daniel, 28




"Hi I'm Daniel, and recently I was scammed of $100 on Carousell.

Last year, I was looking to get a new watch as my old one just broke. I had gone to a few shops to browse and was deciding between a few designs. However, my girlfriend recommended that I wait a little longer for the 11.11 sales. I agreed and did not make the purchase immediately.

I was browsing through Carousell and came across one of the designs I saw - it was brand new and marked at $80 lower than the actual retail price. I made an offer which was immediately accepted by the seller. However, I requested to deal in-person the week after as I was then overseas. The seller agreed to reserve it for me only if I were to make a deposit of $100. I made the transfer and was so happy that I managed to secure the watch at a much lower price. To my horror, when I tried to contact the seller after coming back to Singapore, he went M.I.A. and did not reply to any of my messages. Then I saw that the account had been deleted on Carousell, and knew I had been scammed.

I now know never to make upfront payments and to strictly stick to cash-on-delivery. I should not have been lured in by cheaper prices without checking the seller's reviews and past transaction history."

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