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You're a target in the market.

Abigail, 23

Scammed of $165

You can do all the research you want in the world. But if you are buying online, there's always the risk of getting scammed.

Carissa, 26

Scammed of $950

The seller sounded so legitimate and even had a business e-mail and customer service with the account, coupled with positive reviews.

Marcia, 22

Scammed of $123.50

The seller gave me multiple excuses like bad weather, and how the freelance driver did not have jobs near my area.

Tania, 23

Scammed of $20

The seller claimed that the item was lost in the mail.

Adnan, 23

Scammed of $15

To my surprise, the memory card was a fake product and could have potentially damaged my console had I put it in.

Daniel, 28

Scammed of $100

I was so happy to secure the watch at a much lower price.

Nai Lun, 22

Scammed of $50

I thought I wouldn't have to worry much since past transactions were smooth.

Zack, 28

Scammed of $20

I guess it really came as a surprise, as I didn't think that it would happen to me.

Alex, 28

Scammed of $30

It was only at a later time did I realize the gift card had been used.

Elaine, 28

Scammed of $214

The seller provided me with a picture of 'his' IC and also gave me 'his' HP number and home address.

Su Lyn, 22

Scammed of $200

The seller had 1-2 reviews but I didn't think much of it at the time.

Zhengfei, 25

I brought the camera to a camera store and the staff told me that the camera was broken beyond repair.

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